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Thanks for your purchase. Our goal at GLOBAL VIZIONZ is to get our clients exactly where they need to front of the customer! This page is to inform you of our graphic design, promotion & printing processes.

The first step is creating your ad proofs for digital promotion and print. Within 7-10 days of your purchase, you will receive your first draft/ad proof from our graphics team. The email will come with directions on how to submit any changes that you'd like made. When you are satisfied with your proof you can approve it through email to the graphics department. Upon approval of your ad(s), they will then be submitted to our website design team to be placed on our Online Business Directory ( to begin 6 months of 24/7 online social media promotion. All clients who provide a valid website link will receive a FREE hyperlink to make it easier for potential customers to find & contact them.

Please understand that the printing & delivery step of the process is very tedious and every detail is checked thoroughly and then re-checked to ensure that you, the customer, and also your potential customer(s) receive a professional, high quality product. On average, there is a 60-90 day period between the time of purchase to the print date. Our office hours are 8am-430pm CT M-F. Our toll free number is 866-856-0964 and email Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your purchase or where you are at in the process. Thanks again and may you have a great year of business.

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